What's the difference between instant and scheduled notifications?


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Scheduled notifications

With scheduled notifications, you choose the best day and time for you. You will receive an email at the selected time, which will include all selected low stock products that are below your chosen low inventory threshold. This way, all low stock products are batched together in a single email.

Instant notifications

If you choose to receive notifications instantly, you will get an email as soon as any of your selected products hit your chosen low inventory threshold. Each product will be sent in a separate email that you will receive in real time.

Once you have received an instant notification for a product/variant, the next time you will receive the instant notification for that same product/variant is when the inventory goes back above the threshold and then subsequently falls back to the threshold.

For instant notifications, if a product is already below your threshold at the time of notification creation, then the notification will send the next time the inventory changes (assuming the updated inventory is still below the threshold).

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